Capri Sun had a (business) problem. Moms weren’t noticing that Capri Sun had changed their drinks by getting rid of all the added sugar and using only all natural ingredients. So we needed to tell her the news again. But first, we had to get her attention…

When moms see a kid flying downhill on a rickety bike toward an even more rickety hand-built ramp, they have no choice but to pay attention.

What better way to get mom’s attention than to threaten to lop off your little sister’s precious locks?

Moms love John Legend. And kids know their moms love John Legend. So these kids enlisted a little help from the Grammy Award-winning artist in order to get her attention – big time – to tell her the news of Capri Sun.

We also grabbed Mom's attention with some heart-stopping print.

We also got Mom’s attention by hacking her social feed. We created a series of OLVs with kids posing as “real” moms, giving mom-like advice on topics ranging from what to pack in their kids' school lunches (Capri Sun) to what she should serve at her kids' play dates (Capri Sun) to what to include in her cooler for soccer practice (Capri Sun).